Safepour® – the world’s most effective anti-glug system

Safepour® has been developed to completely eradicate the pouring and spillage problems in both large and small volume containers and massively reduce the risks of handling and decanting dangerous liquids.

Designers and manufactures of liquid containers have been wrestling with the problem of inconsistent flow rates and inaccurate pouring for years. The Safepour® anti-glug system allows air to enter the container via the neck area, equalising the pressure inside and outside the container giving a consistent, fast and safe flow of product.

Unlike existing anti-glug designs the Safepour® system does not require a complicated neck design, uses a circular neck bore and allows the use of standard closures and caps. Safepour® can be applied to containers “post manufacture” and to finished containers thereby reducing stocking requirements and simplifying logistics.

To view a demonstration video of the pouring of a non-Safepour® container and a container incorporating the Safepour® system click here.

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